David Hutchins (Solicitor)


Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, former member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel
Telephone: 00 44 (0)7885 722 529
E-mail: DHutch3694@aol.com

David Hutchins has been a solicitor since 1967. He was until 1998 the Senior Partner of Hutchins & Co, Solicitors, London, a firm he founded in 1971. He has been responsible for, inter alia, the selection and supervision of trainee solicitors. He is currently a Practising Consultant with the firm.  His legal experience includes conveyancing, wills, probate, landlord and tenant, commercial contracts, employment law, criminal law, family law, professional negligence, personal injury claims and general civil litigation. He has been a frequent Guest Speaker on ‘English for Lawyers’ courses and is also an experienced small-group presenter. He speaks and reads French and has a working knowledge of German, Italian, and Latin. He has translated “Le Petit Prince” for a BBC Radio 4 dramatisation, broadcast Christmas 1999.

He holds a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Since 2002, at the end of August each year, he has presented an intensive course for the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie of Berlin. See Client Testimonial or Kundenempfehlung. The DAA course in 2013 will be in Freiburg from the 19th to the 23rd August  https://www.anwaltakademie.de/product/17431

The DAA course in 2014 will be in Hamburg  from the 18th to 22nd August, 2014  

He has given courses at, inter alia, DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart, Deutsche BP AG in Bochum and Knorr-Bremse in Munich, and recently in Italy and Turkey. He has recently been appointed a QLTT (Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Test) Oral Test Assessor by Altior Consulting & Training Ltd (www.altior.co.uk/qltt) on behalf of the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority): www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/qltt. 

In July 2011 he was a Visiting Lecturer at City University, London.

His wide coverage of both contentious and non-contentious areas of practice, together with his training record and linguistic knowledge ensure a first-class course experience.

English Legal Training for Legal Translators

Do You Know?

In what circumstances is a company "vicariously" liable? What does this mean and what are the criteria for its application?

What do the words "Subject to Contract" mean and why do English solicitors sometimes put these words at the top of a letter?

What are "Without Prejudice" negotiations and why are negotiations conducted on this basis?

If an English solicitor is talking about the "domicile" of his client, John Smith, is he referring to Mr. Smith's flat?

Under English Law, is there a requirement to negotiate "in good faith"? What does this mean?

Why isn't a "penalty clause" always enforceable under English Law?

There is a Common Law duty to "mitigate" your loss. To whom would this apply and why?

"Damages" and "Damage". What's the difference?

An agent is sometimes said to have "apparent" or "ostensible" authority. What does this mean?

What is "advocacy" ?