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English Law for Legal Translators & Interpreters in one-day CPD Courses at the St Giles Hotel in the West End of London.

Courses for Civil Code Lawyers

Get adequate skills for a correct knowledge of basic English legal terminology & concepts in common law systems.

Court & Procedural Terminology

One-Day CPD Courses designed to give you an essential knowledge base which will prove invaluable on a continuing basis.

English Legal Terminology

Civil Code lawyers are often familiar with some of the English legal terminology and statutory provisions relating to their own specialist areas of legal practice such as, for example, banking and copyright. However, this familiarity is not always supported by a wider general legal vocabulary or any real knowledge or understanding of the key elements and principles of English Common Law, the “building blocks” of the legal system.

Without a wide comprehensive knowledge of the legal terminology, how it is used, and how it forms an essential part of the general law, it is not possible to fully understand English statutes. read more...

Client Testimonial
David Hutchins, Solicitor, of Lexacom English Law Courses has written and presented an English Common Law Course for the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie as part of our annual "Englisch-Intensivkurs" every year since 2002. David Hutchins is an experienced and skilled trainer in both legal and language contexts. We are pleased to recommend Lexacom Law Courses.

Philipp Wendt, Rechtsanwalt Geschäftsführer


"Lexacom English Law Courses... has been approved since September 2001 as an authorised External CPD course provider, by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (regulatory arm of the Law Society). This allows Lexacom to self-accredit courses which meet the SRA criteria for CPD purposes." - Mrs. Karen Banner, Validation and Monitoring Officer Validation and Monitoring Team

Lexacom English Law Courses are also approved with Le Barreau de Luxembourg as a CPD Authorised External Course provider as from the 1st January 2008, in accordance with article 14.4 of the "Règlement Intérieur de l'Ordre des Avocats du Barreau de Luxembourg."